Hannah, Manager


Role: Manager

Hannah has been with us since April 2012, after moving back to the UK from 9 years in the USA. She loves sunshine, beaches, palm trees, cocktails, people, and really good coffee. Married to a crazy, sometimes-bearded American and mother to an energetic toddler, as well as full-time manager of caffeine-fuelled employees keeps her pretty busy!


Role: Assistant Manager

Originally from Brunei, Sal has been living in the UK for the last 4 years. Once our most loyal customer, Sal became a member of the team in August 2012, and has been a credit to us ever since. She loves fashion, food, friends and Paris, and does her job at such speed she puts the rest of us to shame! Once you meet Sal, you’ll want to stop and chat to her for hours.


Role: Barista

Alex is a newly-married, aspiring digital artist, fuelled by copius amounts of espresso. He enjoys cycling, video games and animated movies, and has become a coffee nut in 6 short months. You will often find Alex doing a brew ratio, cleaning the Synesso, and generally taking care of his #1 love – espresso!


Role: Head Barista

Having come from a long hospitality and customer service background, Aaran first started working with coffee nearly 4 years ago whilst living in New Zealand. He is very proud to be part of how coffee and food is evolving in Birmingham, both in flavour and substance, and in the quality of it’s service. Aaran has a keen interest in martial arts, having trained in Tae Kwon Do since he was 13. Aaran has competed in local, national and world championships.



Role: Barista

6/8’s newest (and youngest!) barista, but don’t let that fool you. Imogen has fast become an excellent barista and taken all of her training in her stride. Taking a gap year before studying to become an awesome member of the medical community, Imogen has completed the team perfectly, and will always be waiting with a smile and great sense of humour. When not at 6/8, you might find Imogen sipping a smoothie in another nearby cafe, playing the cello or hanging out with her friends and family.