In line with producing the best coffee in Birmingham, we had to work with best that is out there.


The Roaster

There is no place in the world that our roaster will not go to source the best beans for his blends. Regarded as one of the best micro-roasters in the world, Hasbean showed their true pedigree when the 2011 World Barista Championship title was won with their bean

Has Bean Logo


The Machine

When searching for espresso machine for Six Eight Kafé, there was only one criteria needed, “To have one of the most advanced coffee machines in the world”.

Ladies and Gentlemen,  we present to you the 3 headed monster we affectionately call the “The Beast”. The Synesso Cyncra is an incredible piece of machinery, and is only one of its kind in operation in the Midlands.


The Baker

Our bread is supplied  by Birmingham’s newest artisan bakery , Lucky 13 Bakehouse. The owner and brainchild Neil Baldwyn has already worked for Jamie Oliver and his mentor Gennaro Contaldo before setting up his bakery in Hockley.

The pedigree will be obvious after the first bite of our sumptuous ciabatta or focaccia sandwiches.


The Deli

A great sandwich starts with great bread, but to become truly great it needs great fillings. Enter Gary Anderson of Anderson and Hill fame.

Tucked away in the Great Western Arcade, Gary has been slowly and quietly building a reputation among the top restaurants in Birmingham as the person to go to for artisan cheese.


The Cake maker

When somebody walks into your coffee shop and simply says “Would you like to try my cake in your shop”. it would be rude not to.

Since that day,  the cakes by home baker Gavin Page AKA tobizzy2bake have become firm favourites amongst the customers, with the Chocolate and Guinness Cake acquiring near legendary status.

People of Birmingham, we give you cake.